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About Gia-Raquel

Namaste. I completed my first Yoga training with Devalila in 2011 under Stephanie Pappas. In my early years as an instructor I worked predominantly with private clients, however, I began teaching at studios in 2015 in addition to my private clients. Shortly thereafter, I became intrigued with Butisattva yoga, and became certified in May 2017. My original schooling is classified as Hatha Yoga, and while all encompassing, my personal practice favors the fluidity of Vinyasa, and as such, doubling down on my certifications with a  Vinyasa/Hot/Butisattva Yoga intensive in Kona Hawaii reset my personal and professional trajectory. This two week program was the catalyst to my new level of accreditation as not only an E-RYT 200 but a YACEP. Having opened a small studio located in bucolic Tewksbury Township, Airs Above Yoga offers private clients the convenience to practice in close proximity to many equestrian facilities. During the pandemic when one on one interactions became limited, I returned to my studies and began coursework to become a Reiki Master. The addition of the benefits of Reiki furthers my mission to bring unity to the horse and rider. Reiki is available, not only for my clients, but for their companions as well, whether they be equine, canine, feline... or any other animal in need.






The Equestrian Experience

One on One

Private instruction tailors the practice to the needs of the client and her (or his) horse. There is also a deeper focus on developing the internal awareness to commune with your partner.

At The Farm

Classes are Vinyasa style with focuses on core strength and releasing tension in the hips and hamstrings. Pop-Up style workshops offered at your barn with owner's consent.

Equine Yoga

Coming Soon! Practice with Horses: spend a day communing with these amazing beings and let their energy enhance your experience. No Mats or Helmets Required.



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