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Reiki Offerings

What is Reiki? According to Diane Stein, author of Essential Reiki "Reiki is a laying is a laying on of hands touch healing system of incomparable ease and power." Simply put, it is a form of energy healing in which the hands do not need to touch the body, though they can when required. Humans and animals alike can benefit from Reiki, the practitioner acts simply as the conduit, through whom the energy flows.

Private Online Yoga Instruction


Offering in studio, in home, or distance Reiki. Session lengths can vary and can also be added onto a private yoga session. Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries with regard to Reiki as a healing mechanism.

Companion Reiki

It is thought that animals are even more attuned to the energies of Reiki. Whether your pet is suffering from illness, stress, or if you simply are looking to enhance well being, Reiki may be able to help.

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